Baby and Mom Ionized Calcium Lotion

Size _ Price 220ml_32,000Won

Product Description

Moisturizing and nourishing lotion that cares for dry and sensitive baby skin by forming a protective calcium layer without irritation or stickiness

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Skin soothing and

Macadamia seed oil

Skin regeneration and
skin aging prevention

Shea butter

Moisture supply and
skin balance

Product Features

  • Confirmed to be non-irritating through dermatological testing for baby skin that suffers from even small irritation.
  • Unchanging deep moisture that lasts a long time due to the protective calcium layer that protects the skin
  • Gently and comfortably soothes sensitive skin from diapers, saliva, and sweat with rich hydration
  • The ionized calcium protective layer holds onto the moisture and maintains the oil and water balance of the skin

Target Customers

  • Babies suffering from dryness (atopic dermatitis) and itchiness
  • Babies with sensitive skin
  • Customers looking for a mild baby product
  • Customers looking for a mild baby lotion that isn’t sticky

How To Use

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    Baby: After bath before the moisture dries up, pump an appropriate amount and apply softly like a massage on the face and body.

    Mom: After face wash or bath, use the ionized calcium spray and if there is itchiness due to dry skin, apply the lotion generously and regularly.