EGF Signature Ampoule

Size _ Price 20ml_47,000Won

Product Description

Premium ampoule that strengthens elasticity and prevents skin damage such as roughness through the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) ingredient, first discovered by Dr. Stanley Cohen, a 1986 Nobel Prize winner.

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Skin barrier strengthening,

5GF Complex

Skin damage recovery,
collagen synthesis promotion,
skin elasticity network formation

Product Features

  • Premium wrinkle care ampoule that contains the 5GF Complex(EGF,bFGF, IGF,KGF, TGF-b1) that includes EGF in high concentrations.
  • With a light formulation and feeling of use, it quickly coats the skin with a nourishing and moisturizing layer to create a glowing skin
  • Contains ionized calcium and adenosine to help restore firm vitality from the inside of the skin for healthy skin care

Target Customers

  • Those with rough skin and a lot of dead skin cells
  • Those concerned with rough and dry skin that lacks of nourishment
  • Those who want to improve wrinkles, elasticity loss and dullness
  • Those who need skin soothing and protection

How To Use

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    After applying toner in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount of the product and apply evenly along the skin texture.