Ionized Calcium Water Droplet 6Day Pack

Size _ Price 20ml X 6ea_18,000Won

Product Description

Water Droplet Mask Pack that soothes and delights the skin

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Skin soothing and

Centella asiatica extract

Anti-inflammatory, sedative and
wound healing

Licorice extract

Skin soothing effect and
inflammation prevention

Tea tree oil

Skin soothing and
pore convergence action

Product Features

  • Contains ionized calcium which soothes the skin, moisturizes with minerals, and normalizes the keratin cycle
  • The finest microfiber sheet, different from the general mask sheet material, maximizes adhesion and provides excellent mineral essence efficacy.
  • Solves skin problems regardless of skin type through continuous use programming optimized for skin turnover

Target Customers

  • Customers with dry and pulling skin
  • Customers with oily skin, wide pores and a lot of sebum
  • Customers with sensitive skin such as atopic dermatitis or warts

How To Use

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    1. After face wash, to increase the efficacy of the sheet pack, use the Ionized Calcium Skin Spray to soothe the skin.
    2. Take out the sheet pack, align it to your eyes and mouth and place it so that it will adhere well.
    3. For 6 days, without missing a day, apply 1 sheet mask a day for 30 minutes.