Baby and Mom Ionized Calcium Shampoo & Bath

Size _ Price 270ml_32,000Won

Product Description

Cleansing with natural ingredients for sensitive baby skin and hair that doesn’t cause irritation

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Skin soothing and

Licorice extract

Skin soothing effect and
inflammation prevention

Portulaca extract

Skin soothing and
prevention of skin dryness

Product Features

  • Confirmed to be non-irritating through dermatological testing for baby skin that suffers from even small irritation.
  • Gentle foam that rinses off easily cleanses from head to toe
  • Gently and comfortably soothes sensitive skin from diapers, saliva, and sweat with rich hydration
  • Natural ingredients wash the skin and hair without irritation and create smooth skin without pulling

Target Customers

  • Customers looking for non-irritating and safe cleanser for their baby with sensitive skin
  • Customers looking for a baby body cleanser that can be used easily as shampoo and body wash

How To Use

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    Baby: Pump an appropriate amount on the hand and lather sufficiently, rub from the head to toe like a massage and rinse off with clean water.
    For newborn babies, it’s good to bubble up the bath water to wash the baby.

    Mom: Pump an appropriate amount on a bath towel or sponge and lather sufficiently, scrub every part of your body and rinse lightly with lukewarm water.