Ionized Calcium Squeaky Total Cleansing

Size _ Price 500ml_25,000Won

Product Description

A refreshing liquid type cleansing for oily skin that relieves oiliness without irritating the skin

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Keratin-care and
cleanses skin wastes


Skin soothing and
anti-inflammatory action

Tea tree oil

Skin soothing and
pore convergence action

Portulaca extract

Skin soothing and
prevention of skin dryness

Product Features

  • Cleanser suitable for oily skin with excellent sebum removal
  • Moist liquid type cleansing
  • Keratin care, skin soothing and moisturizing due to natural ionized calcium
  • Non-slippery, refreshing and soft cleansing
  • Good price and large size
  • Skin soothing function due to the tea tree leaf oil

Target Customers

  • Those who prefer to wash with soap
  • Those looking for simple cleansing that can be used for both face and body
  • Teenagers with high activity and strong hormone secretion
  • Those who sweat a lot and have excessive sebum
  • 4 people family that prefer economical price and large size

How To Use

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    Moisten your face with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount of the product to create a lather, massage every part of the face, and then wash off with lukewarm water.