MIBA Gwangboon eseence

Size _ Price 100ml_30,000Won

Product Description

A pink shine essence with a sense of moisture adds vitality to the skin and gives a soft glow

Main Ingredients

Pink Complex

Energizes, Vitaliz
es the skin,
Makes skin tone bright.

Jewelry Complex

Gives skin glow
and radiance

quintuple hyaluronic acid

Suppresses skin
aging and retains

Product Features

  • First step radiant boosting essence for radiant skin
  • Moisturizing essence adds pink glow to make it moist and shiny
  • Essence that helps create radiant makeup
  • Boosting essence that contains peach extract to moisturize the skin and Calamine soothes the skin

Target Customers

  • People with dull skin
  • For those who want moist and shiny radiant makeup
  • People looking for moisture essence

How To Use

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    After finishing the toner in the morning and evening Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture.