Ionized Calcium Foundation Double Cushion RX (No. 21 / 23)

Size_Price 25g_39,000Won SPF 50+/PA++++

Product Description

King Cushion for Season 2 with upgraded size, design, long-lasting full coverage and ingredients

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Soothes & calms
the skin and

Water from the caves of the Blue Maintains in Australia

Moisturizes the skin

Pink Plankton


Pearl Extract

Skin moisturizing,
lightening, brightening
and whitening

Product Features

  • Upgraded from the existing King Cushion in Season 1 in all areas, including size, design, longlasting full coverage and ingredients
  • The design of the product container, including the nameplate, has been changed. / The petalshaped edge puff of the quadruple structure
  • Pink plankton gives the antioxidative effect, and Australian mineral water moisturizes the skin
  • Ultra-long-lasting coverage. Longer than before through the results of tests on humans (44 hrs.)

Target Customers

  • Customers with yellow and dull skin
  • Customers who look for a cushion that can be used even on sensitive skin without worries
  • Customers who want to save time when doing makeup in busy morning before going to work
  • Customers who are not happy with the regular cushion capacity

How To Use

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    Use at the stage for Base Makeup or Foundation. Apply it whenever you need to re-apply sunscreen in the afternoon. (Can be used before or after make-up)