Natural Pure Oil

Size _ Price 50ml_50,000Won

Product Description

Oil that can be used on dry, oily and sensitive skin. It can be used alone or blended with a cream.

Main Ingredients

Rose hip oil

Skin regeneration and
whitening effect

Vegetable squalene

Creates a moisture protection
layer for the skin

Rosa Canina FruitOil

Suppresses skin
aging and retains

Product Features

  • Contains 100% natural vegetable oils (rose hip oil + vegetable squalene)
  • Contains 50,000 rose hips that make up 50% of the 50ml product
  • Natural fragrance from the blend of 7 vegetable oils

Target Customers

  • Those who lack elasticity in the skin
  • Those with severe pulling sensation in the skin due to extreme dryness
  • Those who need to control the oil and water balance
  • Those who feel a 2% lack even after using moisture creams
  • Those looking for 1005 vegetable oil product

How To Use

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    1. Drop 2~3 drops on the face and apply like a massage. Tap lightly with your palm for absorption.
    2. You can use it in various other areas that feel dry.

    It is better when mixed with products such as creams to help absorption and form a moisturizing layer.