Ionized Calcium Ultra Rich Cream

Skin type Dry Sensitive Oily skin that lacks moisture

Size _ Price 80ml_32,000Won

Product Description

Hydrating, nourishing and refreshing cream without stickiness

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Skin soothing and

Macadamia seed oil

Skin regeneration and
skin aging prevention

Peony root extract

Prevents acne and
loss of skin elasticity

Product Features

  • Minimizes loss of moisture and maintains vitalized skin
  • Light and refreshing formulation without stickiness or residues
  • Mild cream without irritation for even sensitive skin
  • Cream with deep and rich nourishment

Target Customers

  • Customers who experience pulling sensations in the skin
  • Customers who want hydration and nourishment without stickiness
  • Customers looking for a cream with lasting hydration

How To Use

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    Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply gently along the skin texture.