Ion calcium suncare

Size _ Price 60ml_30,000Won SPF 50+/PA++++

Product Description

Even on skin that has become sensitive due to UV rays, a mild, non-sticky or non-glutinous

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Soothes & calms
the skin and

Eucalyptus leaf oil

Prevent dryness
and strengthen
skin barrier



Product Features

  • Highest UV protection index!(PA++++) Perfect protection against strong UV rays such as
    mountain climbing and sea bathing
  • It is used for sensitive skin with safe ing
  • It is used for sensitive skin with safe ingredients such as ion calcium, eucalyptus leaf oil, and calamine.
  • sunscreen that applies well and does not irritate

Target Customers

  • Looking for a mild sunscreen that can be used with confidence for sensitive skin
  • Customers looking for fresh sunscreen that doesn’t slippery or stuffy
  • Customers looking for sunscreen with high blocking index due to frequent outdoor activities such as climbing
  • Customers who want daily sunscreen that doesn’t get white
  • Customers who want to moisturize, soothe and protect the external environment along with UV protection

How To Use

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    Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it gently according to the skin texture..