Icals Mineral Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

Size _ Price 500ml_29,000Won

Product Description

Functional hair loss prevention shampoo with a hair loss improvement effect that can be seen in a matter of days

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Scalp soothing and


Scalp nutrition supply and
scalp balance control


Hair moisturizing effect and
hair balance

Product Features

  • Shampoo that improves hair-loss with the key ingredient of mineral water (ionized calcium) and the 4 major ingredients of hair loss: biotin, nicotinamide, dexpanthenol, zinc pyrithione solution.
  • Can be used by the whole family from baby, mom to grandma. It is confirmed to be safe and non-irritating through dermatological testing for irritation.
  • All-in-one system that functions as shampoo+conditioner+treatment

Target Customers

  • Customers concerned with hair loss
  • Customers who want a softer finish than other hair loss shampoos
  • Customers looking for non-irritating hair loss shampoo

How To Use

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    Wet the hair and scalp sufficiently with warm water, massage the scalp thoroughly with 3~5ml of the product, leave for 3 minutes after lathering, then rinse thoroughly.