Ionized Calcium Ultra Body Cream

Size _ Price 240ml_25,000Won

Product Description

A safe body cream with strong moisturizing power and a cream puff texture that is different from the water droplet body lotion.

Main Ingredients

Ionized calcium

Skin soothing and

Ceramide NP

Strengthens skin protection layer and
increases hydration


Forms a skin coating layer

Shea butter

Supplies moisture and
maintains skin balance

Product Features

  • Contains ceramide NP to maintain skin improvement, strengthen the skin protective layer, and help maintain skin moisture
  • Contains beeswax that inhibits moisture evaporation in the skin, moisturizes and maintains skin elasticity
  • Contains glutamic acid to protect the skin and supply moisture

Target Customers

  • Customers with dry and pulling skin normally
  • Customers looking for a safe and mild body cream
  • Customers who want skin hydration as well as skin soothing effects
  • Customers who want to experience the effects even after one application

How To Use

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    After shower, apply gently over the entire body along the skin texture.